SAMS Squirmy Wormy Fly Tying Materials for San Juan Flies Fishing Worm Body Trouts Floating Assortment (Earthworm)

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SAMSFX Fly Tying Materials Squirmy Wormy Soft Worm Lures Flie Making Assorted Colors (Earthworm)


Pay Attention:
Please allow 0.4-0.8 " (1-2 cm) differences due to manual measurement
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may ot reflect the actual color of the item

Made of soft silicon which comes to life with the slightest movement
The deadly squirmy worm flies can be used on both stillwater and river
New style and vivid color, with high attraction
Squirmy Wormy silicon rubber worm shapes

Tips for using:
Use a soft thread or floss like our flyman tying floss so it will not cut into the soft worm body
Alternatively use heat-shrink tubing to hold the body on the hook

Recent Review
- "Excellent product caught fish the first day." by 12345
- "Great San Juan worm material but is tricky to work with. Looks great when done. My head cement softens the material and can melt in the tied down areas and it breaks off. I haven't tried a different glue Yet. Tying material with thicker string helps." by GJinNY
- "works as well or better than Squirmy Wormy. More durable in the stream than Squirmy Wormy and equally effective. Deadly san juan material on stockers." by Fly fisher
- "Really good choice for making a hook look like a worm." by William Wolff
- "Squirmy worm fly tying material. Put down a base layer of chenille and you won't need to worry about the body spinning on the hook. The original pattern calls for a bead, but I don't use one." by Puck
- "Pretty good. Material is "wavy" and not straight. Sometimes makes it lay funny when tied in, but I don't think the fish mind. Good deal. You get quite a lot for the money. Would buy again. Colors are true to pics." by owlRnothing

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